As the Vice Chair of the Vermont House Committee on Energy and Technology, a member of the Joint Energy Committee, a former environmental consultant to the Peace Corps, USAID, the State of Vermont and the City of Burlington, I know that we tend to “sweat the small stuff”, sometimes even the wrong stuff, when we let short-term policies become long-term systems.

We  live in an important era and the future of this planet hangs in the balance. In just 200 years since oil and natural gas was discovered we’ve built a world reliant upon cheap and dirty energy. These energy sources will soon be in rapid decline and our community can position itself to be one poised to lead the way on green development, green jobs and green energy. Like Single Payer Health Care, the leadership required to get started, is not likely to come from large states or cities. It will begin in places like Burlington and Vermont. It has already started in Burlington.

This is why I am dedicated to:

(1) Creating more efficient public transportation like electrified trolleys; commuter and long distance rail and bicycle and pedestrian systems.

(2) Urban Smart Growth systems to make our streets safer and more balanced for the pedestrian, not the car.

(3) Making more of our residential and commercial buildings energy efficient, expanding the use of solar electricity and hot water to as many buildings as possible.

(4) Expanding renewable energy to support Burlington’s growing energy needs. Wind, small hydro-electric and biomass development can all be expanded.

We can do more for Burlington and the broader Vermont community when it comes to the issues that impact our planet.  I hope you’ll join me.