The community of the Old North End and downtown Burlington are hungry for change. As I walk the neighborhoods knocking on doors, talking with community members I’m hearing three issues that come up again and again.


1. Safe Neighborhoods:

Crime isn’t going away and having awoke in the middle of the night myself to find an intruder in my home, I can tell you it’s time we get serious about making our community safer.

Read my priorities for making our streets safer.


2. Affordable Housing:

Burlington must continue to support real affordable housing options for families and Vermonters desperate for housing. This is a human rights issue. I currently am working on rehabing a formerly condemned three unit property on North Winooski Ave working to make it an affordable housing option.

Read my priorities for making housing more affordable in Burlington.


3. Transportation:

I’m one of the many Vermonters who doesn’t own a car. I bike everywhere around Burlington. Perhaps you’ve seen me? Urban transportation is not just an environmental issue, it’s a human rights issue. Better access for all members of our community is something I’ve dedicated myself to. As theBicycle and Pedestrian¬†Coordinator for the Vermont ¬†Agency on Transportation I helped build, rebuild, and repair hundreds of miles of bike and pedestrian paths throughout the state.

As a State Representative, I fought to bring Amtrak to Vermont, to give Vermonters more options when it comes to traveling around New England and beyond.